A visit to Leonardo da Vinci's workshop

Leonardo da Vinci was a universal genius. His paintings are on display in the most renowned galleries world-wide, his research in the field of anatomy provided new insights into the human body back in his day, and his designs for buildings, machines and vehicles were far ahead of the state of the art at the time. However, da Vinci is not only known for his many works, but also for his visions of the future. He not only foresaw the invention of the automobile, but also predicted a somber future. Could it be that, in the course of his research, da Vinci had come across a secret regarding the very existence of humanity?

Secret Files 3 leads young adventurer Nina Kalenkow all the way to Florence, Italy, in the times of the Renaissance. In Leonardo da Vinci's workshop she hopes to find the solution to the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Max, her fiancé, and the enigmatic guardians. What was it that the Master knew and modern science never found out to this day?

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